About Us

At UK-Holiday-Cottages.co.uk (UKHC) we provide the perfect places to enjoy a relaxed holiday in a cottage within the United Kingdom. We provide a vast array of holiday cottages available, from traditional thatched cottages to modern holiday homes.

We focus on having the best and cheapest holiday cottages in popular tourist destinations as well as in more rural areas. This gives you the best chance of finding the perfect holiday cottage for your needs.

We genuinely care about our clients, and so reputation is everything to us. We have been offering our services since 2003, so rest assured we understand the ideal holiday cottage.

How do we select each Cottage destination?

Visitors to uk-holiday-cottages.co.uk are always seeking for curated choices of places to stay, rather than scrolling through limitless possibilities, and we deliver a customised selection of lodging that highlights the very finest independent enterprises that Britain has to offer. We look for hosts who are kind and knowledgeable about the area, as well as those that take pride in the upkeep of their establishments.

Everything You Need to Know

Each post has a personal recommendation, comprehensive background material, and booking links. Each item has a link to all the greatest things to do in the area, such as neighbouring pubs, fantastic hikes, shopping, dining, and more, making it simple to organise your vacation in advance. The facility is great if you’re searching for a glamping site with a hot tub in Pembrokeshire, but it’s also good if you simply want to wander about and daydream.

Only the Best Places

Since we are very selective, you can rest certain that you will have access to the finest that the nation has to offer. Since we work directly with UKHC partners to sell their homes, you can rest certain that you are always receiving the greatest discounts possible at all times.

Ultimately, it is our pleasure to welcome you to UKHC. We guarantee to provide our honest and expert information on all aspects relating to creating your perfect cottage holiday!